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20,000+ English books read by children


What is 100Books initiative?

The 100Books initiative aims to empower primary school children in government and rural private schools to read their first 100 books in English. This program is specifically designed to cater to their needs, improving English literacy skills and fostering a love for reading. Best of all, it is provided to the children completely free of cost

What is the goal of 100Books initiative?

The 100Books initiative is founded upon the belief that 'A child who can read well will thrive in life.' Its primary objective is to instill the habit of reading and enhance English reading skills among children.

Upon completing the journey of reading 100 English books, a child achieves the following milestones: (1) the development of proficient English reading skills, (2) the ability to independently read age-appropriate books, (3) a heightened interest in exploring the next set of  books, (4) the acquisition of an enriched vocabulary consisting of 2000 words, and (5) the capability to comprehend and engage with various books.

What is the need of 100Books initiative in India?

Alarmingly, over 100 million children enrolled in classes 1 to 5 lack exposure to reading books beyond their textbooks and do not  develop basic English reading skills.

What is the structure followed in 100Books?

The 100Books program utilizes a collection of 100 leveled books, each tailored to a child's reading skill. Starting from Book 1 as a beginner reader, they progress towards Book 100 as an advanced reader. These carefully selected books are designed to resonate with the child's everyday surroundings, and they are authored by renowned Indian and international writers.


Each book in the program features underlined vocabulary words with definitions, along with corresponding pictures located at the end of the book. This approach aids in vocabulary development and enhances the child's comprehension of the text.

The 100Books program also incorporates a dedicated app that facilitates the development of vocabulary and comprehension skills. The app includes a set of smart vocabulary flashcards for each book, utilizing various engaging techniques to make learning enjoyable.

Additionally, the books contain a series of comprehension questions. After reading a book, the child is encouraged to answer these questions, assessing their understanding of the material.

To track progress, each child maintains a reading log. As a reward for each book completed, the child is awarded a sticker, and upon reaching significant milestones in book reading, they receive a certificate of achievement.



 Govt. Primary School

  • School Impact

    • 3000+ Books read

    • 50 Students

    • 50 Certificates

    • 3 years

  • AY22-23 Impact

    • 1000+ books,

    • 25 students

    • 25 certificates

 get involved


All you need is basic English reading skill and passion to help child read a book. Commit 2Hr per week  of your time from the comfort of your home or at a school.

Join leaders like

Ms Meena, Ms Poonam, Mr. Hari, Ms Mallika, Ms Meera, Ms Lithika, Ms Venkatalamma, Ms Sridevi, Ms Jaanya, Ms Chandhna and many more across the globe.


Introduce 100Books reading program in your school.

Join leaders like

Ms  Prabha, Ms Bhuvaneshwari, Ms Geetha, Mr.Rajappa, Ms Jayashree  HM and teachers of Govt Primary Schools



Make a Difference.

Sponsor or FUNDRAISE for the 100 Books Program AT ONE OF OUR SCHOOLS

The cost for the 100Books program during a school year is 55,000 INR* or 700 USD. This financial support would enable 20 children to read 1000 English books during the academic year.


*Indian donors have the option to make a tax deductible donation. 



 Ay23-24 children read 7,000+ ENGLISH BOOKS  

We are happy to share the accomplishments of both our children and dedicated volunteers during the current Academic Year 23-24. Across 10 Government Primary schools and rural communities, our 175 young readers have come together to read over 7,000 English books till May of AY 23-24.

We're excited to announce that 100Books program has extended its reach to Government Primary School Baggur and Cokkanathpuram, Lakshya Public School and Govt Upper Primary School Nilogal.


Children book reading

Children Book Reading

Children Book Reading

Children Book Reading
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